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TN State Board 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Time: 2 1/2 Hours
Maximum Marks: 90

General Instructions:

  • The question paper comprises of four parts.
  • You are to attempt all the sections in each part. An internal choice of questions is provided wherever applicable.
  • All questions of Part I, II, III, and IV are to be attempted separately.
  • Question numbers 1 to 20 in Part I are Multiple Choice Questions of one mark each. These are to be answered by writing the correct answer along with the corresponding option code.
  • Part II has got two sections. The questions are of two marks each. Question numbers 21 to 26 in Section I and Question numbers 27 to 30 in Section II are to be answered in about one or two sentences each.
  • Question numbers 31 to 40 in Part III are of three marks each and have been divided in three sections. These are to be answered as directed.
  • Question numbers 41 and 47 in Part IV are of five marks each. These are to be answered as directed.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Part -1

I. Answer all the questions. [20 x 1= 20]
Choose the correct synonyms for the underlined words from the options given:

Question 1.
There was little hope for his recovery.
(a) discovery
(b) loss
(c) damage
(d) recuperation
(d) recuperation

Question 2.
If used sparingly, the newly found cylinders could get us down to south.
(a) extravagantly
(b) lavishly
(c) economically
(d) sufficiently
(c) economically

Question 3.
Individual liberty would become social anarchy.
(a) vanity
(b) civility
(c) lawlessness
(d) cooperation
(c) lawlessness

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Choose the correct antonyms for the underlined words from the options given:

Question 4.
The driver disapproved of their shabby appearance.
(a) dirty
(b) unkempt
(c) smart
(d) untidy
(c) smart

Question 5.
which are not to be despised.
(a) liked
(b) defeated
(c) hated
(d) dare
(a) liked

Question 6.
“Don’t buy,” warned Luigi, our cautious driver.
(a) sloppy
(b) repulsive
(c) reckless
(d) proud
(c) reckless

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Question 7.
Choose the correct combination for the compound word “outlaw”.
(a) Noun + Verb
(b) Verb + Noun
(c) Gerund + Noun
(d) Preposition + Noun
(d) Preposition + Noun

Question 8.
Choose the correct expansion of “DSLR” camera.
(a) Digital Single Lens Refraction
(b) Digital Single Light Reflex
(c) Digital Service Lens Reflex
(d) Digital Single Lens Reflex
(d) Digital Single Lens Reflex

Question 9.
Choose the meaning of the foreign word in the sentence:
Alan is going to travel to Europe this summer, but he’s planning on only taking one rucksack.
(a) rug
(b) quilt
(c) back pack
(d) suitcase
(c) back pack

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Question 10.
Choose the correct combination for the blended word “edutainment”.
(a) education + entertainment
(b) edn + ment
(c) edu + tent
(d) ed + tenant
(a) education + entertainment

Question 11.
Choose the clipped form for “necktie”.
(a) entie
(b) tie
(c) neckie
(d) necty
(b) tie

Question 12.
A passion for writing is known as …………………… .
(a) genocide
(b) philosophy
(c) graphomania
(d) cardiologist
(c) graphomania

Question 13.
Form a derivative by adding the right suffix to the word ‘devote’.
(a) -tion
(b) -ly
(c) -ness
(d) -ment
(a) -tion

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Question 14.
Fill in the blanks with a suitable relative pronoun.
Nicola …………………… was glaring at his young brother was in vexation.
(a) whose
(b) who
(c) when
(d) which
(b) who

Question 15.
Fill in the blanks with a suitable preposition.
This material is different …………………… that.
(a) to
(b) with
(c) of
(d) from
(d) from

Question 16.
Choose the correct question tag for the following statement.
Everybody was very happy ……………………?
(a) wasn’t they
(b) haven’t they
(c) weren’t they
(d) isn’t they
(c) weren’t they

Question 17.
Choose the suitable meaning or idiom found in the following sentence.
My class teacher examined my paper with a fine tooth comb before handing it to the external examiner.
(a) examining in great detail
(b) casually seeing
(c) carelessly reviewing
(d) examining with indifference
(a) examining in great detail

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Question 18.
Substitute the underlined word with the appropriate polite alternative.
Vincent Parker is a reputed burier in this locality for Christians.
(a) disposer
(b) mortician
(c) expeller
(d) end maker
(b) mortician

Question 19.
Choose the correct sentence pattern for the following sentence.
They put on quite a show that day.
(b) SVOC
(c) SVO
(d) SVCA

Question 20.
Fill in the blank with a suitable phrasal verb.
The guest lecturer asked the students to …………………… and pay attention.
(a) pipe over
(b) be serious
(c) be playful
(d) pipe down
(d) pipe down

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Part – II
Section – 1

Read the following sets of poetic lines and answer any four from it. [4 x 2 = 8]

Question 21.
“We could do nothing, being sold.”
(a) Why couldn’t they do anything?
(b) Why did they feel helpless?
(a) The enemies had entered through the wicket gate stealthily and easily occupied their castle.
(b) They felt helpless because they had no weapon to fight “Gold” their invisible enemy. Their castle fell due to the unnoticed greed of their warder, an aged man.

Question 22.
“And oft at nights the garden overflows
With one sweet song that seems to have no close,
Sung darkling from our tree, while men repose.”
(a) What overflows the garden at night?
(b) What is called the darkling’?
(a) One sweet song overflows in the garden at night.
(b) Nightingale is called the darkling.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Question 23.
‘‘‘‘And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress ’ eyebrow. ”
(a) What does the lover do for his mistress?
(b) What is the poetic device used in the second line?
(a) The lover is always sighing and longing for his beloved. He writes a sad ballad describing the eyebrow of his mistress.
(b) ‘Simile’ is used as a poetic device in the second line.

Question 24.
“This is my son, mine own Telemachus,
To whom I leave the sceptre and the isle Well-loved of me,”
(а) Who does Ulysses entrust his kingdom to, in his absence?
(b) Bring out the significance of the ‘sceptre’.
(a) Ulysses entrusts his kingdom to his beloved son Telemachus in his absence.
(b) Sceptre is an ornamental staff carried by a King on ceremonial occasions as a symbol of sovereignty. It symbolizes the power of a king.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Question 25.
“Tell him time as a stuff can be wasted.
Tell him to be a fool ever so often”
(a) Why does the poet suggest that time can be wasted?
(b) Identify the figure of speech in the above line.
(a) Unless one wastes one’s time, one may not commit mistakes and learn from them. Besides learning not to repeat those mistakes would naturally make him wiser.
(b) Simile

Question 26.
“A film the mother-eagle’s eye When her bruised eaglet breathes”
(а) Who is compared to the mother eagle in the above lines?
(b) Explain the comparison.
(a) Napoleon Bonaparte is compared to mother eagle.
(b) A mother eagle will be proud when the eaglet takes on a stronger predator. When the eaglet is hurt, the mother eagle will be naturally sad as no mother will want the young one to perish in a combat. The king, like a mother, is sad about the impending death of a valiant boy-soldier.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Section – 2

Answer any three of the following questions. [3 x 2 = 6]

Question 27.
Report the dialogue.
John : What were you doing, Mary?
Mary : I was making these paper flowers.
John asked Mary what she had been / was doing. Mary replied that she had been/was making those paper flowers.

Question 28.
He did not invite her. She didn’t come, (combine using if)
She would have come if he had invited her.

Question 29.
Rewrite the sentence making an inversion in the conditional clause. If the people had not been informed, the situation would have been much worse.
Had the people not been informed, the situation would have been much worse. Or Had the people been informed, the situation would not have been much worse.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Question 30.
We saw the flash of lightning, and seconds later we heard a rumble of thunder. (Change the following into a complex sentence)
When we saw the flash of lightning, seconds later we heard a rumble of thunder.

Section -1

Explain any two of the following with reference to the context. [2 x 3 = 6]

Question 31.
Dear is the Casuarina to my soul;
Reference: These words are from the poem, ‘Our Casuarina Tree” written by Torn Dutt.
Context: The poet says this while highlighting the importance of Casuarina tree in her life.
Explanation: The poet explains that she, her friends and siblings have spent long hours playing and enjoying themselves under the tree’s shade. The tree has been her friend since childhood. There is a special bonding between the poet and the tree. So, it is dear to her soul.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Question 32.
“……And then the justice,
In fair round belly with good capon lined,
With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws and modern instances;
Reference: These lines are from the poem, ‘All the world’s a stage” written by William Shakespeare.
Context: The poet says these words while describing the fifth stage of life.
Explanation: At this stage, he behaves like a judge pronouncing his decisive opinions with the modem instances. He quotes wise maxims from his own life experiences to influence other people. He is fond of eating delicacies unmindful of the protruding belly size.

Question 33.
To follow knowledge like a sinking star,
Beyond the utmost bound of human thought.
Reference: These lines are from the poem, ‘Ulysses” written by Alfred Tennyson.
Context: The poet says these words while describing the quest Ulysses has for adventure and fulfillment.
Explanation: Similar to a sinking star, Ulysses wants to pursue in his failing old age to pursue knowledge like the goal of Goethe’s Faust, his quest is defined by the pursuit of new and unique knowledge “beyond the utmost bound of human thought”.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Section – 2

Answer any two of the following questions in about 30 words. [2 x 3 = 6]

Question 34.
Who took the author to the cubicle?
A trained nurse who was very familiar with Nicola and Jacopo took the narrator in. She led him through a cool, tiled vestibule into the hospital, the villa had become. She left him at the door of a little cubicle from where he can watch unseen Nicola and Jacopa chatting with their ailing sister.

Question 35.
Whom does the author call ‘misguided people’? What is his advice to them?
Some misguided people admit that they drink tea for stimulation and warmth. They are not interested in tea. So, they add sugar to take the taste away. He advises them to drink tea without adding sugar for a fortnight. They would never again ruin the real taste of tea by adding sugar.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Question 36.
The soft snow was difficult and dangerous. Why?
The soft snow made a route on top of the ridge both dangerous and difficult. Sometimes it held Hillary’s weight. But often it gave way suddenly. was dangerous for the climbers. But both persisted and trudged ahead for 400 feet and reached the southern summit.

Section – 3

Answer any three of the following.

Question 37.
Study the graph given and answer the questions, that follow. [3 x 3 = 9]
Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1 1
(а) Which type of tourist centre is preferred by the third largest number of tourists?
(b) Which type of tourist centre is preferred more than Beach resorts?
(c) Name the tourist centres preferred the least.
(a) Pilgrim centres is preferred by the third largest number of tourists.
(b) Hill stations are preferred more than beach resorts. ‘
(c) Historical monuments are preferred the least.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Question 38.
Write a dialogue between of minimum three exchanges an abandoned sick man and a student-volunteer.
Student: Grandpa, how is your health?
Old man: (Tears trickling down the cheek) Did you call me grandpa?
Student : Yes, you are of the same age as my own grandpa.
Old man: I too have a grandson of your age who was separated from me years ago.
Student : Oh, I am so sorry. Here, please take some idlis that I have brought for you.
Old man: God bless you my child.

Question 39.
How will you fix a fuse?
I will switch off the main line. Pull out the carrier.
I shall verify if the filament of wire is “intact” or burnt out. If it is burnt out, I shall tie the ends of the carrier with a thin wire and carefully insert it in the carrier plug point.
Then I shall switch on the main line. The lights will come back to life.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Question 40.
Complete the proverbs using the words given below:.
(a) A penny saved is a penny …………. (borrowed, earned, invested)
(b) Darkest hour is just before the …………. (dusk, midnight, dawn)
(e) Don’t change horses …………. (mid stream, always, again)
(a) earned
(b) dawn
(c) mid stream

Part – IV

Answer the following questions:
Answer in a paragraph in about 150 words.

Question 41.
Write a character sketch of Nicola and Jacopo.
Nicola was thirteen and Jacopo only twelve. They were brothers. They were tanned, had tangled hair and dark earnest eyes. Though they were just kids, they were serious about their work. They did hundreds of errands for the tourists. They were found doing brisk business shining shoes or selling wild berries. They had the skill to find seats in theater for the tourists and also guide the tourists through many important sites of the city of Verona such as Juliet’s tomb. Jacopo was lively as a squirrel. Nicola’s smile was steady and engaging yet in their innocent faces one could find seriousness far beyond their years. What struck one was the extreme willingness of both the boys to work. Under the scorching Sun, they hawked newspapers. When the narrator enquired what they did with the money they earned as they were not spending it on clothes or food or saving it for emigrating to America, Nicola coloured but he did not reveal the secret family adversity. Both were gentlemen because they did not want any one’s sympathy.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1


Civilization can only exist when the public collectively accepts constraints on its freedom of action – Explain.

Human beings, by nature are quick to find fault with the imperfections of others. They don’t usually realize the truth that they have to accommodate their liberty to the liberty of others. A reasonable consideration for the rights and feelings of others is the foundation of social conduct. It is in small matters of conduct, in the observance of the rules of road, that we pass judgement on ourselves. We assess ourselves as civilized or uncivilized. We are civilized if we enjoy our rights without violating the rights of others or eroding into the privacy of others. It is the little habits of common place interaction that make up the great sum of life and sweeten or make bitter the journey. In a civilized society, public collectively accepts the fact that freedom is an accommodation of interests of others. It means curtailing a part of one’s own liberty to the liberty of others. So, it is true that civilization can only exist and prosper when the public collectively accepts constraints to its freedom of action.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Question 42.
Describe the various stages of a man’s life picturised in the poem “All the World’s a stage.”
Shakespeare has beautifully portrayed this world as a huge open theatre where in all humans play seven acts/ages. In the first act, he is a helpless infant puking on the nurse’s arms mewling like a kitten. In the second stage, he is the grumbling/whining school student. He moves to school like a snail/unwillingly with his slate and bag. In the third Act, he is a lover sighing and yearning for the attention of his lady love. He composes romantic ballads complaining his love that he needs a better deal. In the fourth Act, he becomes a quick-tempered soldier, aggressive and ambitious, ready to stake his life for the sake of bubble reputation. As he matures, he becomes a wise judge of contemporary life quoting wise maxims to endorse his opinion. He is firm and serious. In the sixth act, his stout legs become thin making his trousers of youth unsuitable. Thin and lean legs easily travel through them but are unable to stay due to a slimmed waist. His bass voice has become treble like that of a child. In the last act, he is sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste and sans everything (i.e.) loses all senses. He departs the world.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1


In the poem ‘Incident of the French Camp’ the young soldier matched his emperor in courage and patriotism. Elucidate your answer.

Emperor Napoleon was an astute planner planning the moves of the battle observing each step the French army made. Emperor Napoleon being a bold and wise warrior always had two plans, one to advance forward if the battle brings victory and the next as to what to be done in case the battle is lost. He was not resting at a tent during the battle. He was very close to the place of battle planning the strategic steps. Similarly, the boy-soldier was also equally brave. Unlike the emperor, the boy soldier flung himself in the midst of battle and risked his life. He did not bother about his death. He doggedly carried out the mission of hoisting French national flag. Instead of being carried away for first aid, he hurried on horse back to communicate the news of conquest of Ratisbon despite his chest being split into two. So, it is obvious the boy soldier’s patriotism and gallantry are equal to that of Napoleon.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Question 43.
Write a paragraph of about 150 words by developing the following hints into a paragraph:

Liquid life – precious than gold – ship wreck – exquisite nectar – Pi’s forehead – expressing joy – heart beat – blood flow – Strength and suppleness – return – world of dead – ecstatic basked in bliss and plentitude – experiences of Pi-indisputable – water, elixir of life.
The author calls it ‘liquid life’. For a thirsty man, a cup of water is more precious than gold. He had not drunk water for two and a half days after the ship wreck. Pi drank two litres of the most exquisite nectar (i.e.) water. Suddenly Pi’s forehead was wet with fresh perspiration. Everything in him right down to the pores of his skin was expressing joy. A sense of well¬being quickly overcame him. His skin relaxed, his joints moved with greater ease. His heart began to beat like a merry drum. Blood started flowing through his veins like cars from a wedding party honking their way through the town. Strength and suppleness came back to his muscles. His head became clearer. Truly he was returning to life from the world of dead. After being thirsty for a while, to be drunk on water is noble and ecstatic basked in bliss and plentitude for several minutes. These experiences of Pi highlight the indisputable fact that water is the elixir of life.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1


Margot – vivid memory – Sun – five years old – planet earth – Venus planet – Sunny day – tantrums – thousands of dollars – Sun shape and warmth – students hatred -convictions – conflict with Margot and other children.
Margot had a vivid memory of having seen the Sun till she was five years old on the planet earth. Though she had come to Venus planet school, her heart longed for the ‘Sunny day’. Preparations were going on to send her back to earth because one day she threw tantrums refusing to take a shower. Her intended visit could cost thousands of dollars to her parents. She drew paintings of the Sun and clarified the shape of the Sun and the warmth it generated. All the other students hated her superior understanding of the Sun and her possible return to the earth. She was not their “kind”. She kept her convictions. She refused to mix with them. This was the conflict with Margot and other children in the story.

Question 44.
Write a summary or Make notes of the following passage.
Compared to a motorbike or car, the bicycle is a slow moving vehicle but its popularity has been on the increase in recent years. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, the bicycle does not require petrol or diesel as a car or motorbike does. In these days of fuel shortage this is definite advantage; it draws power from the rider. The bicycle, moreover, is small, light and convenient. There are no parking problems. Another reason for its popularity is that it takes one, to one’s destination with more certainty than cars or large motorbikes which are often held up in traffic jams. Then, there is the fact that the bicycle causes absolutely no pollution. It produces no noise and no smoke. Finally, it is now known that riding a bicycle is good exercise which tones up one’s muscles. No wonder, more and more people prefer a bicycle to other modes of transport.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1


No. of words given in the original passage: 153
No. of words to be written in the summary: 153/3 = 51 ± 5
Rough Draft
Cycle’s popularity is on the high. It doesn’t need petrol or diesel. Due to fuel shortage, cycle is a definite advantage. It is a smoll light convenient. No parking problems and traffic jams. Moreover cycle causes no pollution, noise or smoke. Cycle is a good exercise that tones up muscles.

Fair Draft Cycle – the best mode of transport
Cycle has many advantages over other modes of transport. Its popularity is on the increase. It doesn’t need petrol or diesel. Cycle is a definite advantage. It is small, light, convenient. Parking problems and traffic jams do not affect the cyclist’s progress. Moreover, cycle causes no pollution such. Cycling keeps one fit, tones up one’s muscles.

No. of words in the summary: 56
Title: Cycle – the best mode of transport
Cycles: advantageous over cars and bikes
Popularity: no petrol or diesel
Size: small, no parking issue, traffic jam
Environment friendly: no pollution, a good exercise.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Question 45.
You are A. Shanti, in-charge of the Physical Education Department of your school. You need various items of sports for the department. Write a letter to Mr. Rahmat Singh & Sons, a well known supplier of sports goods, Dharmapuri enquiring him about the rates of each item and the maximum discount that they can offer to you.
12 Feb 2020
A.V. Sharmila
10th Main Road,

M/S Rahmat Singh & Sons
Shop No. 59
Dear Sir,

Sub: Enquiring about rates & discount
We are old customers of yours and need no introduction. As we are placing a bulk order with you, we want to enquire at what rates you can supply each item of different sports. The details of the items are furnished below.

Equipment Numbers
Goal posts 16
Rods and tackle 14
Wickets and bases 30
Nets 20
Flying discs 35
Hockey stick 40

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Kindly study them thoroughly and give the lowest quotations.
Let us remind you that you have been giving us 25% flat discount on various items. As we are an educational institution, we would expect a.special discount that dealers generally give to such institutions. Kindly do the needful and furnish all the details regarding the inquiries at the earliest.

Yours faithfully,
A. Shanti

M/S Rahmat Singh & Sons
Shop No. 59


Write a paragraph on the topic “How will you protect the earth from the evilof deforestation”.

Environmental Pollution and need for Conservation

Deforestation leaves wild animals and birds homeless. We, humans face a lot of undesirable environmental changes. The most threatening one is Global Warming. Deforestation affects seasonal cycles. We experience droughts or floods, long summer or winter, thus, deforestation affects seasonal cycles. One more harmful effects of deforestation is soil erosion. Thus, the harmful consequences of deforestation are manifold. Tropical rainforests are being felled substantially for the purpose of farming and human habitation. Afforestation should be done in a large scale. This should be initiated by government and we all should actively participate and involve and most importantly act to protect mother nature.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Question 46.
Spot the errors and rewrite the sentences correctly
(a) A million rupees are a big sum.
(b) Beside Tennis, I play cricket.
(c) Both Giri as well as Raghu have scored centum.
(d) Brittney spears are a popular singer.
(e) Every one of us were given a prize.
(a) A million rupees is a big sum.
(b) Besides Tennis, I play cricket.
(c) Both Giri and Raghu have scored centum.
(d) Brittney spears is a popular singer.
(e) Every one of us was given a prize.


Fill in the blanks correctly.
(a) I need to get a new ……………. (sole/soul) and restore my favourite ……………. (pear/pair) of walking shoes.
(b) You ……………. have a cookie after dinner. (Use a modal in the given blank)
(c) My sister ……………. read a book at night(use a semi-modal)
(d) Martha ……………. (walk) three miles a day before she broke her leg. (use a proper tense)
(a) sole/pair
(b) may
(c) used to
(d) had been walking

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

Question 47.
Identify each of the following sentences with the fields given below:
(a) A normal bulb uses almost 80% energy to create heat and only 20% for production of light.
(b) Dropouts who come for mid-day meal are returning to class.
(c) In the world’s largest open-air theatre, stories of Krishna and Kansa are magically retold.
(d) Sports was started for the differently abled children.
(e) Technology develops machines that can substitute for humans and replicate human actions.
[Education; Paralympics; Science; Robotics; Media]
(a) Science
(b) Education
(c) Media
(d) Paralympics
(e) Robotics


Read the following passage and answer the questions in your own words.
Three days before John Wilkes Booth fatally shot the President, Lincoln relayed a dream he had to his wife in which he was wandering through the rooms of the White House hearing sobs and crying as he went. When he reached the East Room, he noticed a casket. He asked a soldier who was in the casket and the soldier replied that it was the President – killed by an assassin. Lincoln woke up from that dream but failed to sleep for the rest of the night.

Little did the President know that as he dreamed of his own assassination, the actual plot was being formulated by John Wilkes Booth, an actor and Confederate sympathizer. Booth’s Original plan was simply to kidnap the President, but as his anger grew over Lincoln’s support for former slaves, he resolved to kill the president. On the night of April 14, 1865, Lincoln was to attend the performance of Our American Cousin at Ford’s Theater. It was a perfect opportunity for Booth, who knew every line of the play, and knew every comer and corridor of the theater. Lincoln’s presidential box was supposed to be manned by a police officer named John Frederick Parker.

Parker, however, left his post to visit a tavern, and may or may not have returned. He might have fallen asleep on the job. Booth, with easy access to the President’s box, waited for the right moment during the play, rushed into the box, and shot the President in the back of the head. As the President fell over, Mary Todd Lincoln caught him then began screaming. Soon, chaos broke out as the audience attempted to flee the theater. Booth vaulted from the box to the stage below but caught his boot spur in a treasury flag and broke his leg. Before he escaped from the theater, a visibly limping Booth was said to have yelled “Sic Semper Tyrannis,” which means “Thus Always to Tyrants” in Latin. It is also the motto of the state of Virginia.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1

a. What disturbed Abraham Lincoln just three days before his assassin?
b. What did he notice in the East room?
c. Who formulated the plot of killing Abraham Lincoln?
d. What was the original plan made by Booth? Why did he change?
e. What happened to Booth when he attempted to flee the theatre?
(a) Abraham Lincoln had a dream where he heard sobs and crying in the rooms of the white House. On enquiry he was also told that the president was killed by an assassin. This disturbed Lincoln.
(b) Lincoln noticed a casket in the East room.
(c) John Wilkes Booth, an actor and Confederate sympathizer formulated the plot of killing Abraham Lincoln.
(d) The original plan was to just kidnap the President but since Lincoln’s support for former slaves angered Booth, he resolved to kill the president.
(e) When Booth vaulted from the box to the stage below, he trampled over the treasury flag and broke his leg.

Tamil Nadu 12th English Model Question Paper 1