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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 6 Mother’s Voice

Mother’s Voice Supplementary In English

Mother’s Voice Warm Up:

If you are given an opportunity to go on a one-way trip to Mars, will you accept it? Discuss.
If given an opportunity to go on a one-way trip to Mars, I will not take it up since I am basically a timid person. When I am so frightened to travel by airplane, how will I travel to outer space!

Mother’s Voice Textual Questions

A. Choose the correct answer.

Mother’s Voice Summary Question 1.
Mother was excited because __________.
(a) her son would be home in the spring
(b) her son was coming back to earth
(c) it was her first visit to the moon
(d) her son was going to another galaxy
(c) it was her first visit to the moon

Mother’s Voice Supplementary Paragraph Question 2.
On weekdays, as Mother went about the chores __________.
(a) she constantly thought of her son
(b) she was always tired
(c) her singing would be soft and almost inaudible
(d) her singing was muted and a little sad
(d) her singing was muted and a little sad

Mother’s Voice Questions And Answers Question 3.
__________ occupies more than a hundred square kilometers on the moon.
(a) Selenopolis
(b) Metropolis
(c) Astrodrome
(d) Orchards
(a) Selenopolis

Mother’s Voice Question 4.
The Community of Nations Square is where people __________.
(a) live on the moon
(b) work on the moon.
(c) walk on the moon
(d) of different nationalities come after work
(d) of different nationalities come after work

Mother’s Voice Supplementary Summary Question 5.
They are planning an expedition to a neighbouring __________.
(a) galaxy
(b) country
(c) planet
(d) star
(a) galaxy

Mother Voice Summary Question 6.
The mother was not able to understand why people wanted to leave the moon because __________.
(a) it was better to remain as a part of solar-system
(b) it was better to remain on the earth
(c) it was not possible to come back
(d) it was a place to enjoy life
(a) it was better to remain as a part of the solar system.

Summary Of Mother’s Voice Additional Questions

Mothers Voice Question 1.
The mother wanted to know if her son would come during ………………. .
(a) Summer
(b) Autumn
(c) Winter
(d) Spring
(b) Autumn

Mother’s Voice Supplementary Question 2.
His mother looked at the enormous lily-shaped tent over a ……………….. .
(a) Plate
(b) crater
(c) sheet of ice
(d) galaxy
(b) crater

Mother’s Voice Lesson Plan Question 3.
His mom preferred River ……………………… than Selenopolis.
(a) Dnieper
(b) Pluto
(c) Ganges
(d) Miami
(a) Dnieper

Mother’s Voice Book Back Answers Question 4.
Since the pond is deepend, there will be a lot of …………….. .
(a) fresh water
(b) moss
(c) mosquitoes
(d) fish
(d) fish

Mother’s Voice By Vasil Summary Question 5.
The spaceships on the moon were readied for ……………….. .
(a) the scientists to travel.
(b) an expedition to the nearby galaxy
(c) the school students to explore
(d) a voyage around’ the moon.
(b) an expedition to the nearby galaxy

B. Identify the character or speaker of the following lines.

  1. It’s so easy to walk here, son!
  2. They’re planning an expedition to a neighboring galaxy.
  3. Why should people go off into the unknown?
  4. I don’t know when we’ll see each other again.
  5. Operator on duty, ………. report to the office.


  1. Mother
  2. Son
  3. Mother
  4. Son
  5. A voice from the loud Speaker

Mother’s Voice Summary By Vasil Berezhnoy Additional Questions:

Identify the character or speaker of the following lines.

Astronaut’s Mom to Son:

  1. I never realized it was such a beautiful place.
  2. Back home the orchards are in bloom.
  3. Will you come for a holiday in the summer?
  4. I’m sure it’s better in the river Dnieper.
  5. What are these?
  6. Of course, you will walk on the dewy grass.
  7. Why should people go off into the unknown?
  8. Do you know why people settle down on the Moon so easily?
  9. There will be a lot of fruits this year if only the frosts don’t strike.
  10. Why ask for trouble?
  11. These are very reliable spaceships.
  12. At least try to come in the autumn.
  13. They have deepened the pond.
  14. You could visit your friends and relatives.
  15. It’s full of fish now, you like fishing.

The young astronaut to his mother:

  1. That’s why I asked you to come.
  2. It’s easy to walk here but the distances are long.
  3. People of different nationalities who work in Selenopolis come here after work.
  4. Let’s ride for a bit.
  5. The Community of Nations Square.
  6. It’s quite an exotic experience to have a swim on the moon.
  7. Long-range spaceships They’re planning an expedition to a neighboring galaxy.
  8. You may be right, but
  9. How do I know?
  10. You think I don’t want to walk barefoot on the dewy grass?
  11. Coming
  12. These are very reliable spaceships.
  13. There are some tourists.
  14. Selenopolis occupies more than a hundred square kilometers.
  15. They are walking towards the lake.

C. Answer the following questions in about 100 -120 words.

Mother’s Voice Supplementary Story In Tamil Question 1.
Write a paragraph listing all the sentimental and the scientific reasons given by the mother against the expedition to the neighbouring galaxy.
The mother’s sentimental and scientific reasons against the expedition to the neighboring galaxies are that the moon is a beautiful place, easy to walk on. There are lots of fruits on earth. The river Dnieper is better to swim. She asked her son why people should go off into the unknown and ask for trouble. She also suggested that it is advisable for people to settle on the moon first and then on the planets in the solar system.

She philosophized that the moon has the same gravitational field of their native earth, under the native sun. She sentimentally invited her son to come in the autumn for the apples, pears and the watermelons. She persuaded him to come to their deepened pond to fish and indicated that the pond was now full of fish.

Mother’s Voice Supplementary Theme Additional Questions:

Mother’s Voice 9th Supplementary Question 1.
Describe Selenopolis.
Selenopolis is much easier to walk through though the distances are long. It occupies more than a hundred square kilometers. It’s a moving pavement covered with green plastic strips. These are rushed through echoing tunnels and spacious caves with walls sparkling in the light of the quartz lamps. There is a large lily-shaped tent over a crater, at least a kilometer in diameter. This was called, ‘The community of Nations Square.’ ‘People of different nationalities who work in Selenopolis and tourists go there to relax.

D. Think and answer.

“The explorer in this story is traveling to another galaxy. The final destination is an unknown ‘ planet in another galaxy. The travel will take many years”. What qualities and life skills do you think an explorer-like him must possess? Why? Do you have any of these skills and qualities? Explain.
Space explorers work either as pilots who fly spacecraft or as mission specialists who conduct experiments. Regardless of their position, they need certain qualities to survive both NASA’s selection process and space travel itself. The qualities and life- skills needed are intelligence, adaptability, good physique, mental endurance and good ‘ knowledge. I have all these skills except the educational level which I would study as I grow up. ‘

Astronauts need above-average intelligence and need quick thinking to A handle unexpected problems. They also need the intellectual creativity to dream up new avenues of space-based research into medicine, materials and processes for use N on Earth and in space. Curiosity is key, as are people skills and communication skills.

Astronauts have many responsibilities in space. They need the flexibility to move from one task to another, different task. They also work on teams with astronauts from other countries and cultures, so they must be open-minded to diversity. They must be willing to change routines to accommodate new procedures.

Physical Condition:
The rigors of space travel are just about as intense as the rigors of space training. Astronauts need eyesight of20/100 or better uncorrected, correctable to 20/20 in each eye. Their blood pressure can’t be above 140/90. Candidates also must meet military water survival standards, which test for the ability to swim without stopping and to swim and tread water clothed in flight gear.

Astronauts also must be SCUBA-qualified to prepare for spacewalk training. Their bodies must respond well to high and low atmospheric pressures. They also must be prepared for the physical effects of zero gravity training up to 40 times a day. Space travel can last for months, during which the human body must function amid physical stress.

Mental Endurance:
Astronauts who make it through the physical demands of space travel must also grapple with isolation, fear and separation from loved ones. It’s not easy to live in close quarters with virtual strangers for three to six months or more. Astronauts must begin to cope with those long periods away from home during training, which takes two to three years and requires heavy travel to practice with international mission partners.

Astronauts need a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in engineering, biological science, physical science and maths.

E. Based on the understanding of the story, discuss in groups and make a note of the following.

Mother's Voice Summary Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 6

Mother's Voice Supplementary Paragraph Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Chapter 6

Mother’s Voice by Vasil Berezhnoy About The Author:

In 1972, a group of authors were awarded the Rudaki Prize of the Tajik SSR, which shows the importance of Soviet Literature and the role played by Science fiction. Vasil Berezhnoy was surely one among the group of authors.

Mother’s Voice Supplementary Summary:

Mother's Voice Questions And Answers Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 6

This story revolves around the feeling of a young astronaut who has volunteered to explore the 1 galaxy beyond the one he lived in. The entire conversation between the mother and son is the recording that he hears now and then. The beginning of the story sees him taking his mother to the moon. He shows her around. They walk through the Selenopolis, seeing tall structures that have propped up the star-studded sky. The son listens to his mother’s voice that is so dear to him. She talks to her son about the orchards, the river Dnieper where he used to go for fishing, the apples, pears and melons, the walk on the dewy grasses, their relatives whom he may never meet if he goes for this expedition.

Yet she hopes that he will come and visit her during his vacation. She tells how the planet earth is so rich and beautiful with snow-covered peaks, that there can never be a place like the planet earth. This makes the son look at the earth with a newer vision and he understands that his mother is right. It is never going to be the same in another galaxy far away from home and his mother.

But, now he is helpless and cannot change his decision of coming back to earth. He goes on explaining the things happening on the moon; how people come to the ‘Community of Nations Square’ after work for relaxation. He tells about the spaceships which is fully equipped for this major expedition. The mother watches the rockets with people assembling for a take off, and asks her son why someone yearns to leave their home and go to another galaxy instead of being happy with their own.

She tries to pursue her son to quit from this mission even though she knew she may never see her son again. Just then a voice from the loudspeaker asks the astronaut to report to duty and he turns off the button and the screen becomes blank. He often plays this recording to be in that moment with his mother. This kind of expedition is the result of young curious minds and humanity.

Mother’s Voice Glossary:

Mother's Voice Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Solutions Supplementary Chapter 6