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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 9th English General Para Writing, Using Given Hints

1. Develop the following hints into a readable passage and give a suitable title.
A rich farmer – lot of land – cattle and servants – two sons – happy life – After some years younger son unhappy – asked for his share of the property – wouldn’t listen to father’s advice – got his share – sold them all – went away to another country – fell into bad ways – soon all money gone – poor – no one to help him – understood his mistake.

The Disobedient Son

Once there was a rich farmer in a Village. He had a lot of land, cattle and many servants. He had two sons. He led a happy life with them. After some years the younger son became unhappy.

He asked his father for his share of the property. His father advised him not to demand like that. But he would not listen to his father’s advice. He got his share and sold them. He had a huge amount with him.

With this amount he travelled to a distant country. He had bad company there and fell into evil ways. All the money was gone. He became poor and no one helped him. Then he understood his mistake and returned to his country. His father and brother took him into their fold and supported him forever. We should obey our parents.

Moral: We should obey our parents.

Develop the following hints into a readable passage and give a suitable title.

2. Devan – clever thief – robs the rich – gives all to the sick and the needy – other thieves jealous – plan to get rid of him – challenge Devan to steal the King’s pyjamas – Devan accepts challenge – finds king sleeping – opens a bottle of red ants on the bed – King badly bitten – cries for help – servants rush in pretends to look for ants – Devan removes King’s pyjamas – escapes – other thieves dumbfounded – accept Devan their leader

Clever Thief

Devan was a clever thief. He robbed the rich and gave all to the sick and the needy. The other thieves were jealous of him. They planned to get rid of him. They challenged to steal the king’s pyjamas. Devan accepted the challenge. He found the king sleeping. He opened a bottle of red. ants on the bed. The king was badly bitten. He cried for help. The servants rushed in. They pretended to look for ants. Devan removed king’s pyjamas and escaped. Other thieves were dumb founded. They accepted Devan their leader.

Moral: When luck joins in the game cleverness scores double.

3. Develop the following hints into a readable passage and give a suitable title.
Manager of a firm advertised – night watchman – applicants presented – manager not satisfied – found something wrong with each man – there was Raju – an applicant – sat in a comer – patiently waiting – his turn came – manager found nothing wrong in his appearance – questioned about his health – got the reply -1 suffering from sleeplessness – manager happy – appointed him

Night Watchman

The manager of a firm advertised for a night watchman. All the applicants were present. But the manager was not satisfied. He found something wrong with each man. There was Raju, an applicant. He was sitting in a comer, waiting for his turn. Manager found nothing wrong in his appearance. He questioned about his health. He got the reply that he was suffering from sleeplessness. Manager was happy and appointed him.

Moral: Life is about creating yourself.

4. Develop the following hints into a readable passage and give a suitable title.
Farmer in a village – had a hen – Golden egg – farmer became rich By selling golden eggs – greedy – thought to get all eggs at a time- killed the hen – found no eggs.

The Greedy Farmer

There lived a farmer in a village. His name was Richard. He had a hen. The hen used to lay a golden egg every day. The farmer used to sell the golden egg in the market and got huge amount of money. Soon he became rich. He got a big house built. But the farmer was very greedy. He wanted to get more eggs every day. He thought, “At present I get an egg every day. This is not enough. Why should I not get all the eggs at a time? I must kill the hen to get all the golden eggs at a time.” And the greedy farmer killed the hen. Did the farmer find any egg? No, He did not find any egg. He was very sad now. He could not get golden egg now. This happened only due to his greed.

Moral: Greed leads to heavy losses..

5. Develop the following hints into a readable passage and give a suitable title.
Tenali Raman – offends King – King gets angry sentences Raman to death – but allows Raman to choose type of death – wise Raman – promptly says – want natural death – of old age – King amazed – pardons Raman.

Tenali Raman’S Wisdom

Tenali Raman was a courtier. He offended the king. The king got angry and sentenced Raman to death. The king allowed Tenali Raman to choose the type of death. Raman was a wise man and he said like this, he wanted natural death and wanted to die of old age. The king was amazed at Tenali Raman’s wisdom and pardoned him.

Moral: Knowledge is strength.

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