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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 11th English Notice Writing

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A notice is a written or printed news, announcement or information. A notice may contain news/information about something that has happened or is likely to happen. It may be a formal announcement of public importance or an advance warning meant for compliance and information. A notice can be about a meeting, an event, an excursion/a historical trip/a picnic, lost and found, change of name/address/uniform/timings/venue, etc.


Notices are effective means of disseminating information related to different issues or occasions. They reach to a large number of persons in a short time. Hence, a notice is written in simple and formal language. It is clear, brief and to the point.

(a) School/College Notice Boards
(b) Newspapers/Magazines
(c) Public Notice Boards

Main Characteristics
(a) Format: It includes the word ‘notice’, date, heading, writer’s name and designation.
(b) Content: It must answer the questions What? When? Where? How? etc.
(c) Expression: It relates to the overall organisation and relevance of the content as well as grammatical accuracy and fluency.



  • It must contain complete information.
  • The order of the presentation should be clear.
  • State the purpose of notice clearly.
  • Content should include all necessary information, e.g., for a meeting- the time, venue, date, and agenda.
  • Use impersonal language, i.e., third person. Avoid ‘I’ and ‘You’,
  • Give the designation of the writer just below the signature.
  • The date of writing notice is generally at the top.

Solved Questions
(a) You are the president of the Cultural Society of your school. You are planning to organize a cultural program: Write a notice for the school notice-board inviting names of students willing to participate. You are Sudhir, the secretary of the society.

Cultural Society
St. Patrick School, Coimbatore

9 Aug. 20XX

Opportunity For Budding Artists
Talented students are invited to submit their names for a musical evening to be held on 21st August 20XX in the school open-air theatre from 6 p.m. onwards:
Items : (i) Light vocal music (solo) (ii) Group Song
(iii) Group Dance (iv) Classical Dance (Solo)

Contact the undersigned before 16th Aug. 20XX
Cultural Society


(b) The 10th International Book Fair is being held at YMCA Ground between 7 Feb. to 14 Feb 20XX. As Secretary of Literary Association, write a notice informing students about it.

1 Feb. 20XX


The 10th International Book Fair is being organised as per details given below:

Venue : YMCA Ground, Chennai
Dates : 7 Feb. – 14 Feb. 20XX
Time : 11a.m.-7 p.m.
Entry fee : Free for students, conducted tours

All students are requested to visit.
Contact the undersigned for class-wise programme.
Literary Association


(c) You are Hari/Dipti, School Captain. The Principal has permitted you to organise a class picnic to Mahabalipuram under the supervision of your class teachers. Write a notice for the school notice-board inviting the names of those who would like to join the picnic.

6 Aug. 2OXX

Picnic At Mahabalipuram

A Picnic at Mahabalipuram is being organised on Sunday, the 14th August 2OXX for class XII.

Departure : 8 a.m. (School bus)
ArrivaI : 6 p.m.
Fees : Rs 50 per head
Attraction : Fun Games/Boating/Crafts Exhibition
Guidance : Mr. J.P. Thilagan & Ms. S. Pushpa, class teachers

Those interested may give their names to the undersigned by 11th August 2OXX
School Captain


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