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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Writing Review (Book, Film, Event, …)

English Subject experts who are having max years of experience prepared this Tamilnadu State Board Solutions for 10th English Writing Review (Book, Film, Event, …) Questions and Answers. They have explained all the topics covered in the board prescribed latest syllabus in a simple way to understand easily. So, students can prepare English from this Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Book Questions and Answers PDF. Download the Tamilnadu State Board 10th English Workbook Answers PDF by accessing the below links and learn properly for the final exams to score well.

1. Present the review of a book that you have watched recently.

Cathy capture the Castle Cat by Catherine Shilogaran
Catherine Shilogaran’s story, ‘Cathy capture the castle cat’ is a drive through the mind of an amateur writer as she attempts to record her daily life. Sixteen-year-old Catherine has recently learned to ride a bike and hence decides to work on her riding skills. Catherine who lives in the fourth – century British castle feels happy and contented with her sister Cassandra. The other characters are indeed a set of creative minds. One fateful day, the Castle cat Charm is missing and Catherine and Cassandra set forth on their bike searching for Charm. With no charm in the characters, we find the sisters traversing unknown paths. The characters lose their creative thinking and are dumbstruck finding ways to locate the Castle Cat.

The story is interesting and fast-moving just as travel by bike is also adventurous. The final search and the happy reunion of the Castle Cat Charm with Catherine and Cassandra is indeed a big relief to the sisters who have lost their charm. Over the course of the novel, Cassandra and Catherine prove their biking skills and are totally trained to be good bikers in society. Capture the Castle Cat should be essential reading for voracious readers. Catherine Shilogaran is a budding author and is quite an exceptional writer. I strongly recommend readers to take a copy of the same for light reading.

2. Present the review of a movie that you have watched recently.

Jaw by Steven Spielberg
The first horror movie I ever saw was “Jaws”~an all-time classic filmed in 1975 by Steven Spielberg. I couldn’t watch “Alien,” “Friday 13,” or Avengers, so I desperately wanted to see Jaw. My fellow students in my school were bragging about some movie or the other. Since my parents do not watch movies, I never had anyone to take me. One day when I was all alone at home, by chance I channel surfed with my remote and accidentally saw a huge jaw with razor-sharp teeth almost jumping out of the screen. I was lucky enough to watch it till the end. “Jaws” evokes warm memories in me. I will never forget this movie for my lifetime. Every scene is vivid in my eyes. Sometimes, I was disappointed with the sequels. They could never recreate the feeling of the danger lurking beneath the sea surface. Besides, they were worse than the original in almost every aspect. Long story short, I like movies about sharks.

I also like sharks in general, but even more than that any sea creature makes me feel awestruck. I also enjoyed the visual aspect of the movie. The jaw is to be watched in one breath. There was no such moment when I would feel the movie was boring or slow. It is packed with action up to the top. In terms of graphics and visuals, the director and cameraman have done their best. Mysterious underwater landscapes, monstrous beasts and the suspense needs ‘ a special mention. Scenes, when submersibles get clenched in gigantic teeth, are indeed breathtaking and is undoubtedly a combination of beauty and thrill. All the action scenes are filmed masterfully, utilizing dynamic angles and perspective, which helps convey the dramatic moments, and our adrenaline is pumped in at regular intervals.

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