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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Vocabulary Synonyms

English Subject experts who are having max years of experience prepared this Tamilnadu State Board Solutions for 10th English Vocabulary Synonyms Questions and Answers. They have explained all the topics covered in the board prescribed latest syllabus in a simple way to understand easily. So, students can prepare English from this Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Book Questions and Answers PDF. Download the Tamilnadu State Board 10th English Workbook Answers PDF by accessing the below links and learn properly for the final exams to score well.


Choose the most appropriate synonym of the underlined word.
10th English Synonyms Question 1.
Technology has empowered the disabled.
(a) brightened (b) endowed (c) triggered (d)
(b) endowed

10th English Synonyms And Antonyms Pdf Question 2.
Technology impacts the environment.
(a) influences (b) imparts (c) impedes (d)
(a) influences

10th English Synonyms And Antonyms Pdf Download Question 3.
India’s disabled are deprived by attitudinal barriers.
(a) deviated (b) decomposed (c) rundown (d)
(c) rundown

10th Std English Synonyms And Antonyms Question 4.
Consumable products can be self-ordered.
(a) disposable (b) durable (c) challenged (d)
(a) disposable

Synonyms 10th Standard Question 5.
Anything which is below a certain threshold can be self-ordered.
(a) floor (b) edge (c) thrift (d)
(b) edge

10th Synonyms And Antonyms Question 6.
The voyage was aimed to show case ‘Make in India’ initiative.
(a) intuition (b) inventiveness (c) interrogation (d)
(b) inventiveness

10th English Vocabulary Question 7.
NSP was a project undertaken in consonance with the National policy.
(a) agreement (b) alignment (c) arrangement (d)
(a) agreement

10th Synonyms Question 8.
The vessel is built indigenously in India.
(a) locally (b) indirectly (c) invisibly (d)
(a) locally

10th Standard Synonyms Question 9.
Women were permitted to go out only with an escort.
(d) enigma (b) enemy (c) attendant (d)
(c) attendant

Question 10.
INSV Tarini has an array of satellite communication systems.
(a) collection (b) rainbow (c) disorder (d) variety
(a) collection

Question 11.
‘Burglars?’ she shouted, intuitively.
(a) intentionally (b) thoughtfully (c) knowingly (d) instinctively
(d) instinctively

Question 12.
I gripped his arm.
(a) cut (b) grieved (c) grasped (d) damaged
(c) grasped

Question 13.
I suspected next that it was a burglar.
(a) alerted (b) blamed (c) called (d) doubted
(d) doubted

Question 14.
Instantly the steps began again.
(a) blatantly (b) callously (c) suddenly (d) definitely
(c) suddenly

Question 15.
I could hear a rending of wood.
(a) shredding (b) breaking (c) rubbing (d) rushing
(a) shredding

Question 16.
I could see the faint shine of plates on the plate-rail.
(a) tired (b) feeble (c) weary (d)
(b) feeble

Question 17.
Tyranny of all sorts may stare at you.
(a) autocracy (b) aristocracy (c) animals
(a) autocracy

Question 18.
Grandfather had evidently jumped to a conclusion.
(a) immediately (b) earnestly (c) obviously (d)
(c) obviously

Question 19.
Herman rushed to his room and slammed the door.
(a) altered (b) banged (c) sliced (d) dug
(b) banged

Question 20.
Herman ventured out of his room.
(a) volunteered (b) venerated (c) visioned (d) vagaries
(a) volunteered

Question 21.
Lessons were repeated in unison.
(a) discord (b) harmony (c) usage (d) underway
(b) harmony

Question 22.
The birds were chirping at the edge of the woods.
(a) cheating (b) duplicitous (c) tweeting (d) clinging
(c) tweeting

Question 23.
Wachter was there with his apprentice.
(a) appearance (b) baggage (c) calmness (d) trainee
(d) trainee

Question 24.
The teacher’s great ruler rapped on the table.
(a) tapped (b) sang (c) reigned (d) kept
(a) tapped

Question 25.
Hauser had brought an old primer.
(a) prankster (b) textbook (c) guitar (d) machine
(b) textbook

Question 26.
T sat in silent dejection.
(a) optimism (b) depression (c) hope (d) delight
(b) depression

Question 27.
Holmes groaned.
(a) whispered (b) whined (c) sang in joy (d) grounded
(b) whined

Question 28.
It was a contagious disease.
(a) impregnable (,b) crisp (c) cussed (d) spreadable
(d) spreadable

Question 29.
His hand twitched.
(a) trembled (b) got crushed (c) shivered (d) suddenly jerked
(a) trembled

Question 30.
He was delirious.
(a) relaxed (b) calm (c) composed (d) incoherent
(d) incoherent

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