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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Grammar Do As Directed: Transformation and Synthesis

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Reported Speech/Direct And Indirect Speech
A. Write what the people actually said:

1. Neela advised her friend not to go too near the lion’s cage.
Neela told her friend, “Don’t go very near the lion’s cage”.

2. Anu asked Ajith when the film was going to begin.
Anu said to Ajith, “When is the film going to begin?”.

3. Dhoni exclaimed that it was an amazing performance by Indian test Cricket team.
Dhoni said, “What an amazing performance by Indian test cricket team!”.

4. Ajay exclaimed that the Tajmahal was a wonderful monument.
Ajay said, “What a wonderful monument Tajmahal is!”

5. The conservator of museum said to the tourists that they should not deface the monuments.
The conservator of museum said to the tourists, “You should not deface the monuments”.

6. Gopinath told Sindhu that he would support her at any cost.
Gopinath said to Sindhu, “I will support you at any cost”.

7. Mom advised her daughter not to waste water.
Mom said to her daughter, “Don’t waste water”.

8. The teacher said that opportunities seldom knock twice.
The teacher said, “Opportunities seldom knock twice”.

9. The talking doll asked him whether he knew the secret of life.
The talking doll said to him, “Do you know the secret of life”?

10. Kavin told his grandmother that he would help her to change her glasses.
Kavin said to his grandmother, “I will help you to change your glasses”.

11. The doctor asked Kama if he had got the tests done.
Doctor asked Kama, “Have you got the tests done?”.

12. Reema asked Yogesh how he was.
Reema said to Yogesh, “Hi Yash! How are you?”

13. Malini asked Hari where he was yesterday.
Malini said to Hari, “Where were you yesterday?”

14. Ankit told the teacher that he had caught a fever the previous day.
Ankit said, “Ma’am yesterday I caught a fever.”

15. Ram exclaimed that he is really excited to be in Thanjavur.
Ram said, “I am really excited to be in Thanjavur.”

B. Report the actual words of the speaker:

1. Karthick told his parents, “I want to pursue agriculture”.
Karthick told his parents that he wanted to pursue agriculture.

2. Prabu said to Soundar, “Can you please lend me your Math note book for copying?” Prabu requested Soundar whether (if) he could lend his Math note book for copying.

3. The passenger told the conductor, “Hey, you are standing on my toes”.
The passenger shouted at the .conductor that he was standing on his toes.

4. Minister said to the security officer, “Send away the contractor from here right now.”
Minister ordered the security officer to send away the contractor from there right then.

5. The teacher said to Radha, “can you give a reason for your poor marks in math?”
The teacher asked Radha whether in Math she could give a reason for poor marks.

6. Guru said to Mukhil, “I have completed my assignment. I need to take rest for some time”.
Guru told Mukhil that he had completed his assignment and he needed to take rest for some time.

7. Praveen said, “I don’t go to movies often, and my mother wifi not allows it”.
Praveen, said that he does not go to movies often and his mother would not allow that.

8. “What a beautiful view it is!” said my friend.
My friend exclaimed that it was a very beautiful view.

9. The blind lady said to the student, “please help me cross the road”.
The blind lady requested the student to help her cross the road.

10. The teacher said to the boy, “I have often warned you to concentrate on your studies”.
The teacher told the boy that he had often warned him to concentrate on his studies.

11. Nathen said to his mother, “I could not call my English tutor.”
Nathen told his mother that he could not call his English tutor.

12. Servant said to the master, “Give me my salary”.
The servant asked the master to give him his salary.

13. Husband said to the Doctor, “Doctor, what will the total expenses be In the end?”
The husband asked the doctor what the total expenses would be in the end,

14. Na render said to Reshma, “I am fine and fit.”
Narendra told Reshma that he was fine and fit.

15. Rohan said to Kathir, “I went to my maternal uncle’s home.”
Rohan told Kathir that he had gone to his maternal uncle’s home.

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