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Tamilnadu Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Grammar Re-Arrange To Form Meaningful Sentences

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Re-arrange the jumbled words to form meaningful sentences

1. love/of others/good manners/and/win the/respect
2. father/his/shrilly/calling/had /and/around/mother/to/come/him.
3. saves us/tums away/soft answer/anger and/a/a pitfall/from many
4. when/best/they can/one is/be learned/young
5. their/saved/Mulan!/person/own /China/who/ had/ the/was/very
6. childhood/prove /memories /revive /disappointing!/Trying /may/to /old
7. been/ that /Harvest/good/and/was/there/over/had/a/crop/year
8. earliest/were/the/pointed/drawing tools/sticks/stones/or
9. for/his/overwrought/seemed/reason/nerves/some.
10. then/his /terror/a/monstrous/him/seized/and/stood/heart/ still
11. sky/the/sun /warmly/ascending/his/was/now/ blazing/ the /on/ ledge.
12. his/two/lying/plateau/ brothers/the/he/sister/saw/and/his/on/dozing
13. the hand/your library/should be/as well as/fee/accessible/to/to the eye/and/
14. one of/that of reading/known to/is/greatest/the/pleasures/man
15. a rich variety/adventure and wisdom/the/world of books/has/of /
16. own/you/book/convenience/can enjoy/a/at your/
17. hall/inside/ palace/it /all/grandeur/the/was
18. pearls/were/interwoven/flower/sparkling/with/garlands
19. stage/with/wooden/painted/the/decorated/ a/was/backcloth
20. Interested/Engineering/LICET/doing/am/Computer/in/Science/in
1. Good manners win the love and respect of others.
2. His father and mother had come around calling to him shrilly.
3. A soft answer turns away anger and saves us from many a pitfall.
4. They can be learnt best when one is young.
5. The person who had saved China was their very own Mulan!
6. Trying to revive old childhood memories may prove disappointing!
7. Harvest was over and there had been a good crop that year.
8. Pointed sticks or stones were the earliest drawing tools.
9. His nerves seemed overwrought for some reason.
10. Then a monstrous terror seized him and his heart stood still.
11. The sun was now ascending the sky, blazing warmly on his ledge.
12. He saw his two brothers and his sister lying on the plateau dozing.
13. Your library should be free and accessible to the hand as well as to the eye.
14. One of the greatest pleasures known to man is that of reading.
15. The world of books has a rich variety of adventure and wisdom.
16. You can enjoy a book you own at your convenience.
17. It was all grandeur inside the palace hall.
18. Flower garlands were interwoven with sparkling pearls.
19. The wooden stage was decorated with a painted backcloth.
20. I am interested in doing Computer Science Engineering in LICET.

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